DeKalb County Eastern CSD is affiliated with two other educational opportunities that support Special Education and Vocational programs.

Northeast Indiana Special Education Cooperative

The NEISEC was established in 1970 to develop programs that would meet the needs of our students with disabilities. The Cooperative was formed through collaboration between superintendents in rural Northeast Indiana. Our mission statement, a reflection of the commitment of our founding superintendents, remains the same today: "Through a cooperative effort, every student learns, grows and is valued."

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IMPACT Institute
The Impact Institute

The Impact Institute (formerly known as Four County Vocational Cooperative until 2013) was formed by a joint service agreement between ten school corporations in June 1969. The Cooperative provides vocational programs, administers adult education and coordinates communications with the Indiana Department of Education and other state agencies. The thirteen currently school corporations currently served are located in the five northeast Indiana counties of Noble, DeKalb, LaGrange, Steuben, and Whitley.

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