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Meet our Administration


Dr. Conwell, Superintendent
Phone: 260-868-2125
Email: sconwell@dkeschools.com

Eastside Junior/Senior High School

Mr. Foster, Principal
Phone: 260-868-2186
Email: ofoster@dkeschools.com

Mr. Cooper, Assistant Principal
Phone: 260-868-2186
Email: lcooper@dkeschools.com

Mr. Willard, Athletic Director
Phone: 260-868-2186
Email: awillard@dkeschools.com

Butler Elementary School

Mrs. Clark, Principal
Phone: 260-868-2123
Email: kclark@dkeschools.com

Mrs. Moughler, Assistant Principal
Phone: 260-868-2123
Email: cmoughler@dkeschools.com

Riverdale Elementary School

Mr. Kitchen, Principal
Phone: 260-337-5464
Email: bkitchen@dkeschools.com